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Get in touch with Wildside here for all normal enquiries using the contact form here. We prefer bands request a booking using the ReverbNation Press Kit widget below this.

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Band Bookings

We're interested in hearing from any bands in the glam, sleaze, hair-metal, hard-rock, melodic rock and AOR genres ONLY. We cater for a very specific type of music which are clientele are used to. If you're a twee indie band, a death metal band, rapper, dubstep artist etc you have come to the wrong place! Also it is very rare for us to book covers or tribute acts, if we do it is because they are exception and possibly a special occassion (Xmas party, anniversary celebrations, etc). Do not be offended if we don't get back in touch, we receive hundreds of gig requests a month and it takes a long time to sift through all these. Rest assured, if you're a quality act in the right genre of music then at the very least your band will be added to the list to contact back when in need of a band! If you do not have a press kit ready on ReverbNation and cannot use the widget below, then you can use the simple contact form above but your request will be prioritised lower than those that do use the widget. This is because we can see on ReverbNation your press kit, pictures, logos, biography, etc but more importantly listen to your songs, view your videos and see your gig list present and past. If you do use the contact form above then please make sure you leave a contact phone number, email address, website and Facebook address, and some where we can listen to your songs and watch your videos without hassle. Also let me know your location, if you're 200 miles it's an awful long way to come so we recommend you have other dates in other cities around the date you are looking for to make it worth your while. Wildside is NOT a 'pay to play' venue, however for new bands outside of the area without an established fan base that will come - especially if this is your first time in playing - do not expect to get a fee but depending on the headliner we may be able to cover some if not all costs and give you a few beers! Otherwise it will be a share of profits on the door for band takings minus headliners fee and costs. Larger and established acts do of course let me know your expected fee and rider request in your contact.